jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

My Supah blog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! I'm going to post my english activities here. I`m in the Third level in the N311, but I'm not in the third quarter or trimester or... never mind!

My name!... my name?... My name is Pablo Castro. I'm eighteen years old and my birthday is on October 10. I live in Cumbres de Maracaibo and i'm from informatic egineering school at URBE.

Well, a little about me!... I like many things, the problem is that i do not remember everything now. I like go to the movies! my favorite movie is the SAW series (It's a terror film), i like travel around... Venezuela! and around other countries too but i only travel to Aruba, Curaçao, Panama and Colombia (Aruba has the best beach I've ever seen!). I like dance, i don't dance merengue or salsa, but i dance my favorite dance style, The Shuffle!. I don't like fight, there are horribles!... oh! i don't like roaches!.

 My dreams are to graduate... I Lied, that's not my main dream. I want to make a movie and travel around de world and make my own industry! Those are my main and other things!. Of course, i want to graduate!.

Ok that was something about me, anything eles? just ask!.

Oh! if you want to know what is the Shuffle, here's a video!